Django Quick-Start Templates

In the last two years at SpaceX, I have worked on a number of quick turn around web applications. Every time I start a new app, it takes me at least a day or two just to get the essentials in place, even with a framework like Django. In order to aid myself and others in future projects, I’ve taken advantage of Django’s template option to create the django-quick-start-project template and django-quick-start-app template. Both of these projects are hosted on my github page.

Screenshot with the project template up and running.

The django-quick-start project builds on Django 1.5, jQuery 1.10, and Bootstrap 3.0. Unlike other Django templates like Pinax, django-quick-start is much more lightweight. A key design goal here was to have all of the templates that build the set present within the project (in contrast to Pinax.) This makes it easier to understand how your entire page is built and makes changing things easier. It includes jquery and bootstrap, but does not depend on any other Django apps. This means all of the code that makes your site is contained in your project directory (unlike Pinax where even the core code is hidden across multiple apps.)

The django-quick-start-app template gets everything in order so you can start coding what is unique to your app. A basic template builds on base.html (from django-quick-start-project or elsewhere.) Empty app.js and app.css files are already included in the template. Just install and start coding!

Try them out, and let me know what you think!

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