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Software engineer with significant experience in leadership, front-end development, back-end development, systems architecture, and embedded systems. Passionate about building solutions that excite customers and maximize business impact using data-driven metrics when possible. Keen on developing best-in-class software with thoughtful component architecture, well-tested code, and strong CI/CD pipelines. My affinity for seeing the big picture, staying organized, and maintaining a reliable schedule sets me apart from the pack.

Work Experience

Stellar Pizza – Head of Software  November 2019 – April 2024

  • Chief software architect responsible the vision and framework for vehicle, fleet management, and order management software stacks
  • Developed the initial code for the majority of our projects and hired as needed as responsibilities grew
  • Ultimately hired and managed two software teams to support vehicle software and application software
  • Emphasis on business impact via executive strategy meetings, feedback from customers and stakeholders, and measurable OKRs
  • Cultivated best practices including sprint format, code styles, testing patterns, CI/CD, API-first, infrastructure-as-code, etc
  • Technologies: Typescript, React, React Native, Python, Django, Django REST Framework, Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, Grafana, Twilio, Auth0, Stripe, OpenCV, Mbed, C/C++,  infrastructure-as-code on AWS and Azure clouds

Gravitr, Inc – Cofounder, CTO  March 2019 – August 2019

  • Led development of marketing platform; tracked development in weekly sprints w/ Jira
  • Front-end built with Typescript and React; back-end built with Python, Django, and Django REST Framework
  • Automated test pipeline with CircleCI; automated deployment using AWS for staging and for production
  • AWS technologies used: EC2, ECS, Fargate, Route53, ECR, RDS, S3, CloudWatch, and Certificate Manager

inVia Robotics – Lead Software Developer, Robot Management System (RMS)  December 2018 – February 2019

  • Led a team to create our next generation Robot Management System with increased throughput for 100+ robots
  • Created a Monte Carlo framework to run multiple simulation scenarios to gain confidence in new features before rollout

inVia Robotics – Software Developer November 2017 – December 2018

  • Created our AS/RS application which integrates between customer WMS’s and our Robot Management System
  • AS/RS application principally provides a REST framework, business logic and unit tests, and automated documentation
  • AS/RS batches similar orders for optimal throughput and responds to changes in inventory in real-time
  • Created an orchestration framework for our apps to automate merge request testing, customer deployments, and nightly simulations
  • Technologies: Python, Django, Django REST Framework, PostgreSQL, Ansible, AWS EC2, Proxmox, Systemd, Grafana, Sentry

SpaceX – Software Developer January 2014 – November 2017

  • Led a team to create a design tool for complex avionics systems; now used by hundreds of people for all three major vehicles
  • Managed team sprints (using JIRA Agile) and quarterly priorities to deliver features with the most impact to the company
  • Data-driven system design used as a foundation for automating vehicle harness design, system analysis, and integrated test procedures
  • Developed primary application schema and supporting RESTful HTTP APIs using MongoDB, Python, and Eve
  • Developed front-end interface as an Angular SPA including rich viewers for avionics components and systems using Raphael and D3
  • Utilized continuous integration with Bitbucket and Bamboo and automated deployment to AWS GovCloud
  • Technologies: JavaScript, Angular, Autobahn, Lodash, Karma, Jasmine, Protractor, LESS, Bootstrap, Brunch, NodeJS, Vagrant, S3

SpaceX – Avionics Systems Integration Engineer April 2011 – January 2014

  • Designed avionics systems architecture for our pad abort Dragon 2 capsule and related propulsion test article
  • Designed vehicle-in-the-loop test racks to simulate spacecraft sensors during mission simulations
  • Developed a web-based graphical reports tool to review vehicle data using Django, jQuery, Bootstrap, Python, and Node.js
  • Developed remote camera system capable of wirelessly managing more than a dozen cameras simultaneously using Python and Angular

Blue Robotics – Engineer January 2014 – February 2016

  • Designed an autonomous surfboard with solar panels, thrusters, and a satellite comm link; numerous successful ocean trials (blog, github)
  • Developed telemetry protocol for bandwidth-constrained satellite connection with serializers in C and in Javascript (github)
  • Developed end-to-end, real-time satellite communication using Rock Seven API, Heroku, and MongoLab (github)
  • Developed a real-time mission monitoring website including Google Maps integration, live telemetry plots, and vehicle control (github)

Illumin – Web Developer March 2008 – December 2011

  • Designed and implemented a robust content management system from scratch using FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL, PHP (website)
  • Built a “what you see is what you mean” editor which enhanced consistency in a magazine run by college students (inherently high turn-over rate)
  • Full, multi-user article editorial workflow integrated into app including a pre-publish article audit to further enhance article consistency
  • Integrated photo editor for basic photo manipulation tasks

Advanced Tactics, Inc – R/D Engineer January 2011 – March 2011

  • Designed advanced, small-scale technology demonstrators (fixed-wing and rotary vehicles) under a grant from the Marines
  • Developed a standardized long range (60mi), line-of-sight comm package for realtime video and telemetry for all of our vehicles

Computer Science 201 – Team Manager August 2009 – December 2009

  • Managed a multi-person project over the course of a semester
  • Costed task items and handled inter-personal dynamics to make student programmers more efficient – Web Consultant June 2009 – July 2009

  • Advised the team on their technical platform and made development suggestions

Raytheon – Quality Engineer May 2009 – August 2009

  • Interned in the Quality organization with Mission Assurance to audit labs against engineering command media
  • Coded VBA macros in Excel to provide trend analysis of non-conformances in Space and Airborne Systems programs

Flash Avenue – Web Developer September 2007 – August 2008

  • Worked on a number of different websites doing everything from small database updates to full framework development
  • Key technologies included Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP

OneGeek – Computer Repair Technician January 2006 – September 2007

  • Diagnosed and repaired customer’s computers


Mecanumbot July 2012 – January 2016

  • Developed a robotic research platform that included mecanum wheels, hot-swappable batteries, a lidar, and a 3D camera (blog, github)
  • Designed and built a power monitoring and distribution board with Arduino bootloader using Eagle (blog, github)
  • Software projects included Hector SLAM (github) and a following algorithm using point clouds through C++ and ROS (blog, github)

CS 547 August 2011 – December 2011

  • Developed real-time pose estimation and classification algorithm from 3D point clouds for LEGO blocks using C++ and ROS (github)

AME 441 Project August 2010 – December 2010

  • Designed a structural health monitoring system by analyzing vibrations with custom accelerometer chips
  • Developed a realtime wireless serial communications protocol to connect multiple accelerometers to a LabVIEW base station

USC Aerial Robotics Team – Software Team Lead August 2009 – July 2010

  • Outlined a distributed multi-agent solution for autonomous indoor navigation and lead a team to implement it
  • Implemented a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping algorithm (DP-SLAM) in C++ for quad-rotor helicopters

USC AeroDesign Team – Performance Captain January 2009 – July 2010

  • Created a multidisciplinary design optimizer in MATLAB to spec out the competition plane as Performance Captain
  • Gained workshop experience by building plane parts from composite materials for Design/Build/Fly competition

CS 445 January 2009 – May 2009

  • Developed a particle filter to localize a robot in a known world/map with an ultrasonic sensor and magnetometer (github)
  • Implemented a blob detection algorithm to identify objects and their pose from a 2D camera


  • Software Development: Javascipt, Angular, Protractor, Jasmine, Karma, Raphael, D3, Autobahn, Lodash, Bootstrap, LESS, Node, MySQL, Mongo, Python, Nosetests, Eve, git, ROS, C++, Apache, Bamboo, JIRA, Vagrant, S3, AWS, Adobe Photoshop
  • Mechanical Engineering: MATLAB, Simulink, SolidWorks (Certified Associate), LabVIEW, NX, E3, Solid Edge, 3D Printing (MakerBot), CNC Machining (Fireball CNC), Laser Cutting
  • Electrical Engineering: PCB Design (Eagle), Harness Design (E3), MultiSim, ModelSim SE, Xilinx


  • Advisor to USC AeroDesign team 2011 – present
  • Viterbi Student-Alumni Mentoring Program (VSAMP) 2014 – 2016
  • Advisor to USC Underwater Robotics team Spring 2016

Honors / Awards

  • 2nd place – AIAA Student Design/Build/Fly Competition (w/ AeroDesign Team) Spring 2011
  • Interactive Media Awards 2010 – Outstanding Achievement: Science/Technology (w/ Illumin) Fall 2010
  • “Bridging the Gap” award from the Society of Women Engineers Spring 2010
  • California Space Grant Consortium UROP Research Scholarship Spring 2010
  • USC Viterbi School of Engineering Dean’s List Spring 2009 – Fall 2011
  • USC Viterbi School of Engineering Stillman Scholarship Fall 2009 – Spring 2011
  • Most Useful Award at the Google 24 Hour Programming Challenge at USC February 2008
  • Dallastown Area High School Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Spring 2007



M.S. Computer Science (Intelligent Robotics) – GPA 3.38 December 2012
University of Southern California (USC)
B.S. Aerospace Engineering, minor in Computer Science – GPA 3.39 AE, 3.91 CS May 2011
University of Southern California (USC)