Arduino and Django Data Logger

In an effort to demonstrate a new django-quick-start package I’m making at work (similar in purpose to pinax, but with some SpaceX-specific packages), I decided to create an Arduino data logger that is viewable through Django.

The data from a couple different sensors is first collected with an Arduino. A Python daemon polls the Arduino periodically and asks for new data. The daemon saves this data to the Django database. At any point in time, users on the intranet can view the Django site and all the data that has been collected thus far. I’m also leaving open the option of adding a relay to control the lights and thermometer in the future.

Unfortunately, I’m running this app on our intranet, so the picture below will have to suffice. That, and all of the code that is available on GitHub (proprietary parts removed!)


One thought on “Arduino and Django Data Logger

  1. Once the data appears we know that the Arduino setup is correct. All we need to do now is write a client program on the PC that interfaces with the Arduino, reads the values via the Serial port, and then pushes them to the cloud database service.

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