Website Transition

Today I transferred a lot of content to a new WordPress site (which you are reading now.) This is the fourth version of my website and marks the departure from the custom content management system I started in high school. There is still a lot more content to move, but hopefully this will be a much better website going forward since I can spend more time adding content and less time coding the back-end.

Website Stats:

  • v1 included information on products and services (building computers and designing websites)
  • v2 introduced a modular system architecture that was customizable on a per-user basis
  • v3 included a blog and web development project list
  • v4 is an online project viewer
  • v5 switched back to a blog under WordPress
  • first two versions were hosted on a Fedore Core server in my closet
  • first four versions used a custom content management system

What do you think of the new website?

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