Last Day at Illumin

Today is my last day at Illumin – the online magazine of the Viterbi School of Engineering. I held the position of webmaster for four years, and I like to think that I had a positive effect on the magazine. My biggest achievements during my time at Illumin was rewriting the entire content management system from scratch as well as revamping the site styling. The new content management system helps Illumin staff manage article through our entire editing process. This new version of Illumin also enables student authors to submit article via the website. Previously articles were collected by email and CDs…

Some additional features of the new website include user management, a staff wiki, a staff file repository (with in-browser and with WebDAV access), and a website development tracker. A big undertaking included the custom what-you-see-is-what-you-mean article editor and in-browser multimedia editor. See below for a couple screenshots of the new vs. old, and check out Illumin to see the latest!


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