The Urban Ice Cream Truck, an Xbox/Kinect Game

I took one of the CS499 special topics classes at school this semester, and in it each group made two Kinect-based games. This “Urban Ice Cream Truck” game was one of the two games that I helped make. I contributed the the Xbox and Kinect code, while other students contributed the artwork for the project. All of our games were based on Artem Kavalov‘s Prime Engine framework.

The goal of the Urban Ice Cream Truck game is to fullfill customer’s ice cream orders as quickly as possible. At the beginning of the game, customers show up at one of the three windows, but lines start forming at each of the three windows as soon as the locals hear how great the ice cream is. Game players interact with the environment using their hands via the Kinect. Players can see their hands floating in the environment as they interact with different elements.¬†Players must pull new cones from the cone dispenser then add the appropriate ice cream flavors by pulling the handles attached to each machine. Scoops drop and then must be caught in the cone. Sprinkles can also be added by pushing the sprinkles buttons. When an order is complete, the player hands the cone out of the window.

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