Flying Wing

Check out my new flying wing! The plane is made from a pair of EasyStar wing tips, a custom kevlar body (thanks Geoff!), and a handfull of electronics. The design is loosely based off of the AeroVironment Wasp. Below is a short video showing a few build photos and a recent flight set to the smooth tones of The Black Keys. Check back later for some high resolution still photos from the flight!

Tip: View in fullscreen and in HD. The plane is hard to spot otherwise. Also, read fast – I flash the still photos and descriptions past pretty quickly.


  • Wing Span: 66 cm
  • Weight: 297 g (including battery)
  • Motor: Turnigy C2230-1780
  • Propeller: Master Airscrew Electric 6×3 in 15×8 cm
  • Battery: Turnigy 30-40C 1000 mAh 3S Lipo
  • Speed Controller: HobbyKing HK-30A

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