New Host for JAV Concepts

There comes a time in each man’s life where he must grow up, and become a man. Often times, in modern society, this means moving out of his parent’s house and finding a place of his own.

While I haven’t found a place of my own yet, it has come time for me to move out of my parent’s house. Besides packing up essential belongings and moving them to my home at USC, this means that I have had to turn off my pride and joy – the server that lived in the closet of my old bedroom. The websites that were hosted on this once-formidable server have been moved to a new account at Dreamhost. Besides, this includes and a few other projects. They will live at Dreamhost until I have a place of my own in which I can set up the server again. Long live my old closet server. And here’s too 100% up-time, issue-free hosting on my new Dreamhost account!

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