Favorite Podcast Episodes

I have found podcasts to be the most enriching forms of modern media. The podcasts I listen to force me to listen and to contemplate big ideas. Any maybe more importantly, these podcasts offer opinions and insights from experts that I may never discover on my own.

Each of these podcast episodes has resonated with me in one way or another. I hope you find some time to give one or two a listen and that you enjoy them as much as I have.

The Easiest Person to Fool [Hidden Brain]


This episodes discusses how we internal our beliefs and how we rationalize those beliefs with others.

I really enjoyed the anecdotes related to innovations. In particular, it seems that the Wright brothers were highly successful because the two brothers had a deep trust for each other that allowed that to consistently argue with each other about engineering ideas. This frequent challenging of ideas between the two brothers ultimately led to innovation.

Another story shared in the podcast is about Steve Jobs and how he surrounded himself with brilliant people who would challenge his ideas and wouldn’t back down.

A quote that I liked from this podcast was “If you need to walk fast, walk alone. If you need to walk far, walk together.”

The episode makes the case that arguments (task conflicts) are healthy and are a necessity for growth. Cultivating an environment of phycological safety seems to be a key part of this. That is the belief that you can take a risk without being punished or penalized which allows people to feel comfortable arguing in a constructive manor.

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